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Visit the newly updated Progressive Practices website for easy access to all blogs and practice information. Jay Chatzkel has become a full member of the New Club of Paris, Mr. Chatzkel is also moderating a panel on Using New Generation Integration Tools to Achieve Quantum Gains in Integrations November 12. Plus review of major acquisitions and their promise and potentail vulnerabilites.


M&A Integration: The Opportunity for Quantum Leap Value Creation – Webinar Tuesday, May 21 at 1 PM ET

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Top management, the board and stakeholders have high expectations on the overall ROI. How ready are you?. Join this Webinar panel of experienced M&A integration professionals to focus on how to better prepare for and execute the critical integration phase of he M&A lifecycle.


Building a Three Legged Stool for Integrating the US Airways/American Airlines Combination: The Making of the World’s Largest Airline

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The $11 billion US Airways-American Airlines combination will result in the formation of the world’s largest airline and one of the three US full service carriers with transatlantic routes.

Three elements are shaping how this combination and integration will happen and how successful it will be. Each element can be seen as a critical leg supporting a successful integration stool. The first key leg is the driving personality of the US Airways CEO, Douglas Parker. The second is how well the specific challenges involved in combining these two organizations are addressed. And, the third is how the new airline takes into account the global trends that all airlines – large or small, domestic or international – have to cope with now and over the next decade.


The INC Research Experience – A Clinic for Transformational Acquisition and Integration: Part II

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This month’s Newsletter continues the webinar conversation on how INC Research achieved its successful transformational acquisition of Kendle International.
You have a front row seat and opportunity to experience the “what’s” and the “hows” that were the keys to success in this transformational acquisition and integration. Macdonald and Kueffer were two of the core leaders that shaped and implemented this excellent achievement. They show how to make their extraordinary and remarkable process an understandable that you can replicate. For INC this was not a heroic or special endeavor but rather the best and most sensible way to move INC Research forward and get the results they wanted.


Clinic on Carrying Out a Transformational M&A Integration

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You can count on the fingers of your hands the number of acquisitions that are transformational and produce extraordinary gains. INC Research’s acquisition and integration of the UK based Kendle International is one of those exceptional achievements. INC’s perspective and process are explored in the exciting and insightful webinar: How one company acquired a competitor twice its size and won big!”

The webinar became a clinic on how to frame and carry out a transformational integration. There is a lot of meat on this bone for readers to chew on for a long, long time. The session was hosted by eknow, the creator of the Integrator integration tool.