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M&A Integration: The Opportunity for Quantum Leap Value Creation – Webinar Tuesday, May 21 at 1 PM ET

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Top management, the board and stakeholders have high expectations on the overall ROI. How ready are you?. Join this Webinar panel of experienced M&A integration professionals to focus on how to better prepare for and execute the critical integration phase of he M&A lifecycle.


Building a Three Legged Stool for Integrating the US Airways/American Airlines Combination: The Making of the World’s Largest Airline

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The $11 billion US Airways-American Airlines combination will result in the formation of the world’s largest airline and one of the three US full service carriers with transatlantic routes.

Three elements are shaping how this combination and integration will happen and how successful it will be. Each element can be seen as a critical leg supporting a successful integration stool. The first key leg is the driving personality of the US Airways CEO, Douglas Parker. The second is how well the specific challenges involved in combining these two organizations are addressed. And, the third is how the new airline takes into account the global trends that all airlines – large or small, domestic or international – have to cope with now and over the next decade.


Carrying Out a Successful Transformational Acquisition and Integration.

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a singular opportunity to hear from the key leadership involved in carrying out a successful transformational acquisition and integration. INC Research acquired Kendle, a company two times its size. The rule of thumb for an acquisition to be transformational (and not just a bolt on) is that the acquired company be at least 15% of the size of the acquiring company. This scale of acquisition makes it impossible to ignore the impacts of the new acquisition and separate it from all other operations. The Kendle acquisition more than qualifies as a transformational transaction. Every element of both organizations was reviewed, rethought, re-conceived and re-integrated. INC Research took this opening to create a new company that was more capable and had more to offer the two legacy companies did individually and ran with it.

Only occasionally do transformational acquisitions live up to their promise. In this case, the evidence shows this is exactly what happened.

INC Research did just about everything right: beginning with mapping out is strategic goals and alignment and then threading them through all the phases of the acquisition and integration implementation. A strong confirmation of the power of this integration is that level of customer satisfaction was higher after the completion of the integration than it was before.


Google Acquisitions and Integrations – A Tale of Two Cities

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Google: A Tale of Two Cities (Acquisition and Integration-wise, That Is):

Google has two acquisition/integration “cities” or approaches. The first acquisition “city” is the one which Google has successfully evolved for its smaller acquisitions, and there have been many of them, since 2001. The second “city” is the one involving Google’s $12.6 billion mega acquisition and integration of Motorola Mobility. Regarding its smaller acquisitions, Google has a remarkable success story to tell. In the last five years, it has reshaped its approach from a an eclectic set of loosely thought through and opportunistic cluster of practices into a model for how to effectively search out promising target candidates and dynamically integrate entrepreneurial leaders and assets into the Google enterprise. This is the “city” we will be taking stock of in this month’s Newsletter.


Glenmore – XStrata Acquisition: Value Creating Masterstroke or Just a Super Bloated Creature?

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A record breaking combination is underway with the joining together of the UK based Glencore International Plc with Swiss based XStrata Plc corporation. This $90 billion fusion brings together the largest publicly traded commodities supplier with one of the world’s most sizable mining trading companies. There are concerns about whether this ratcheting up in size brings with it greater ability and effectiveness or will the acquisition result in a bloated, less focused and sluggish creature. The question is whether this massive transaction will actually create value that its backers have promised. This post raises questions that need to be successfully answered if significant value creation will take place.