Jay Chatzkel is principal of Progressive Practices, where he assists organizations in transforming themselves into becoming knowledge-based enterprises.  He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal for Knowledge Management, the Journal of Intellectual Capital and the International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development and has written extensively in the field.

Contact Jay Chatzkel at:


www.progressivepractices.com and www.beyondthedeal.net

Phone: 623-826-7194


Books by Jay Chatzkel:

Beyond the Deal offers a strategic approach for leveraging mergers and acquisitions to achieve extraordinary performance and create unprecedented value. The stakes are high in major acquisitions. The companies, both for acquirers and for acquirees. The companies that acquire successfully are those that have cultivated the capabilities for effecting the right acquisition and that can best integration the new company.

Achieving quantum leap outcomes in a discipline, comprehensive, and highly proactive effort. A new approach that fuses both expense synergies and growth synergies with a strong focus on integration is what is required and that is what Beyond the Deal provides.

“A must read for anyone contemplating an acquisition – doing the deal is the easy part.


Knowledge Capital: How Knowledge-Based Enterprises Really Get Built is about how any type of organization can transition itself to become a knowledge-based enterprise. Knowledge capital has become the most valuable resource an organization. If harnessed and nurtured, knowledge capital can generate and leverage financial, physical and people wealth far beyond common expectations. It may well be the true competitive advantage and “killer app” of the 21st century.

Knowledge Capital offers enterprise leaders, managers, network members, and students ready access to many of the best thought leaders and practitioners in knowledge management and intellectual capital. The easily accessible conversations with these creators of the field focus on the most important dimensions and ingredients for becoming a knowledge-based enterprise.  Readers can take precisely the elements they needs to fashion the building blocks necessary for an enterprise’s transition.

“I like this book! It is not yet another stilted theory construction. The format allows the voice of the knowledgeable persons to come through. Refreshingly practical, it should not be on everybody’s bookshelf; it should be in everybody’s lap!”

Intellectual Capital is a fast track primer to understanding and exploiting intellectual capital. It covers the key areas of intellectual capital, from value-adding intellectual capital programs and value capture to finding the ‘hook’ and setting up measures.

Intellectual Capital has a carefully organized introduction, filled with mini-case studies and lessons from some of the world’s most successful organizations on how they have major leveraging the value of their intellectual capital a major strategic goal: Dow Chemical, Rockwell International, Clarica, Buckman Labs and Xerox. The book contains explorations of how the field has developed, discusses the key creators and practitioners, and outlines core ideas from the smartest thinkers on the subject, including Karl Erik Sveiby, Baruch Lev, Hubert Saint-Onge, Patrick Sullivan, Goran Roos and Leif Edvinsson.

“They say that good things come in small packages and Jay Chatzkel’s book Intellectual Capital is a case in point. Intellectual Capital contains a wealth of information in a tiny package. In fact, it’s worth buying the book just for the sections entitled ‘Key Insights,’ ‘Learning Points’ and ‘Case Studies.’ “



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