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Introduction: Beyond the Mirage

Part I:The Predeal Phase

• A New Approach to Acquisitions: Creating Value in Combined Companies

• Leveraging Intangibles: A More Effective Business Model for Mergers and Acquisitions

• Framing Your Company's Strategy to Achieve a Breakthrough Acquisition

• Targeting, Due Diligence, Negotiation, and Deal Approval: Four Steps to Creating Value in M&A

Part II: Postdeal Integration Phase

• Integration Planning: Position the Acquisition to Succeed

• Getting Your Integration Structure Right

• The Integration Team Takes Over: Six Springboards for a Quantum Leap Integration

• Guiding Your Integration to Success

• Building the Foundations for Quantum Leap Performance

• Breakthrough: Moving to Unprecedented Levels of Performance and Value Creation

Epilogue: Role of Acquisitions

Appendix A: Is Acquisition Always the Answer?

Appendix B: Auditing Strategic Capabilities in the Context of the Deal Exercise