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Beyond the Deal offers a strategic approach for leveraging mergers and acquisitions to achieve extraordinary performance and create unprecedented value. The stakes are high in major acquisitions, both for acquirers and for acquirees. The companies that acquire successfully are those that have cultivated the capabilities for effecting the right acquisition and that can best integrate the new company.  Achieving quantum-leap outcomes in an acquisition is a disciplined, comprehensive, and highly proactive effort.

Accomplishing a good “deal” and achieving extensive expense saving synergies are key but they are not by themselves sufficient for success.  At the same time, many companies and managers give short shrift to the issues involved in integrating another company and in how the newly combined company functions after the integration.  Yet, the data shows that most acquisitions either succeed or fail during these critical integration phases.   A new approach that fuses both expense synergies and growth synergies combined with a strong focus on integration is what is required and that is what Beyond the Deal provides.

Beyond the Deal focuses on large-scale acquisitions that, due to their size and complexity, demand that companies rethink their strategic intent, recalibrate the products and services they offer to their customers, and reevaluate their relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders if they want the acquisition to yield unprecedented gains.

The issue acquiring companies must come to grips with is:

            Will we seize the opportunity to stage a quantum-leap transformation into a new entity?

            Or will we mutate into a much enhanced, larger version of what we already were?

Beyond the Deal tackles this issue by establishing a framework in which an acquiring company can go from two separate sets of assets, both intangible and tangible, to establishing the core capabilities that enable breakthrough leaps in performance and strategic outcomes. While Beyond the Deal explores the role of capabilities in every interrelated phase of the pre-deal acquisition process, it strongly emphasizes the critical integration phases.

Beyond the Deal:
• Identifies the core capabilities for carrying out an effective acquisitions and integration

• Names and illustrates through extensive case examples how to formulate the kind of integration planning that paves the way for a successful integration

• Sets out the seven integration springboards that you need to put in place to jumpstart the integration to achieve quantum growth and high performance

• Charts a path for the transition to the new organization, and

• Shows how to capture and recycle the learnings from the acquisitions and integration to construct integration “playbooks” and shape an organizational integration capacity that enables you to make future acquisitions ever more successful.

Beyond the Deal looks at what is needed to engage in a quantum-leap process and what blocks most companies from effectively making that leap. It illustrates how your company can make major gains by using the real-life experiences of people who played key roles in your companies’ acquisitions and in integrating the acquiree into a stronger company.