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Write to Jay Chatzkel, co-author of Beyond the Deal: Mergers Acquisitions that Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains

Photo of Jay Chatzkel The real work of an organization is achieved in conversation. Let's grow the conversation, keep it vital and leverage it for greatest effect.

If you have any questions or want to contribute your insights on mergers and acquisition and what is required for their successful integration, please email:

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Bring a customized Beyond the Deal Workshop to your organization:

  • Identify your core capabilities for carrying out an effective acquisitions and integration
  • Explore how to formulate integration planning that paves the way for a successful integration
  • Set out the seven integration springboards that you need to put in place to jumpstart the integration to achieve quantum growth and high performance
  • Chart a path for the transition to the new organization, and
  • Show how to capture and recycle learnings from the acquisitions and integration to construct integration “playbooks” and shape an organizational integration capacity that enables you to make future acquisitions ever more successful.

The Beyond the Deal Workshop is available in four formats:

(1) A one hour Executive Overview,
(2) A one half day Introduction,
(3) A one-day Foundation Workshop and
(4) A three-day Workshop/Practicum.

For full details, please visit Progressive Practices Workshops.